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NEWS FLASH!!! DS Reporter is now available for Android!!!

*DS Reporter for Android
*DS Reporter for iOS


Do I have to pay for the DS Reporter App?

No, it’s FREE! All we ask is that you share your enthusiasm for your team with the rest of the DigitalSports community.


Why should I use the DS Reporter App?

This app provides an easy way to manage your DigitalSports spirit and team pages from any iOS or Android device.

Now, with DigitalSports for iOS and Android, you can moderate and create new pages, post new articles, and upload photos and videos with ease. Snap a quick picture at the championship game and have it uploaded to your spirit or team pages within seconds.


Why DS Reporter?

DigitalSports.com is an essential component of the suite of solutions Vantage Learning provides to the education community. Vantage has a strong history of serving the K-12 community of administrators, teachers, parents, athletic directors and students. DigitalSports.com and Vantage are proud to support local communities and to be a destination to showcase student achievement to a national audience.

Do you like the App?

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