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Spring 2014 Intern Mission: Preview a spring sport/team (Due Date: Friday, 4/4)


The spring sports season is upon us! In fact, for some high schools, spring seasons are already underway. We are asking student journalists to preview any spring sport/team they’d like to write about in 250 words or more. When previewing a season, stories typically rely heavily on facts and statistics and use past performances of teams – coupled with information about their current players and performance trends – to predict how a team will perform over the course of a season. Here are some questions to ask yourself while writing your article:

  • What sport are you writing about?
  • What is the most significant improvement you feel the team needs to make in order to be successful this season?
  • What players have historically been the best?
  • Which players do you expect to have a break-out year from?
  • Which players do you expect a bounce-back season from?
  • What steps did a player or team take in order to prepare for the upcoming season?

Example article headline: Season Preview for Madison High School Lacrosse



There is nothing like being able to capture important moments before, during or after a sporting event. We are asking student photographers/videographers to capture critical moments as they pertain to an upcoming spring event. For photographers, the task will be to take 10-20 images, while videographers can take a video lasting at least one minute. The videographer has the option to edit their video (such as a short highlight reel) or it can be a raw video posted directly to DigitalSports. Here are some common scenarios that may help get you the shot you need:


  • A one-on-one moment between a player and a coach
  • A team meeting that occurs on or off the field
  • A “shining moment” at the end of a game
  • A player helping out another player
  • An action shot during a game
  • A highlight video that showcases the plays of the game

If you have any questions, please contact You can also call (267) 756-1226.

Good luck!

The Team @ DigitalSports


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