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“It’s About The Kids”

This saying represents the core principle of the DigitalSports values and mission. We stand behind those words with an exciting program for High School students participating in School Sports, School Activities, or Both.

There are so many students out there with an interest in pursuing some side of Sports Marketing.  Whether the interest is in journalism, photography, videography, web design, or broadcasting DigitalSports provides a way for students to get professional experience in these fields.

Students can learn so much through the courses they take or the information they read, but at DigitalSports you learn by doing!

So what does DigitalSports mean to you as a High School Student:

  • Opportunity to participate in one or more of Internship programs offered by DigitalSports:
    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Journalism
    • Sports Reporting
    • Web Design
    • Broadcasting
  • Use of DigitalSports’ Content Management tools by:
    • Your Yearbook staff.
    • Your Photography Club
    • Your Video Club
    • Your New media or Media Club
    • Sports Marketing Courses

We encourage aspiring journalists to cover as many games as they’d like and use DigitalSports as their own personal web-based journalism portfolio.


If you have already gotten the “Congratulations!” email for becoming a DigitalSports intern, you may want to check out the DS Resources page for help on getting started here!



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