Five Easy Ways to Stay Warm When Participating in Outdoor Activities

Posted on 30 January 2014 by digitalsportsnews

The winter season is in full effect. It’s important to keep in mind that when you are outside in frigid temperatures, you risk frostbite if the appropriate actions are not employed. Here are five ways to stay warm:

Layers, layers and more layers. This is a no-brainer when you are participating in outdoor sports and activities. The more layers you dress in, the better off you are. Insulation is key.

Wear synthetic clothing. This kind of material traps air to keep you warm.

Protect your head, hands and feet. Simply wearing a winter hat, gloves/mittens and boots will keep circulation throughout your body consistent.

Eat and drink a bunch of calories! Believe it or not, eating foods and drinking beverages that are higher in fat content will keep the body warm on a cold day.

Stay hydrated. This isn’t just meant for the summer season. If you are dehydrated, the body has a harder time keeping warm.

Stay warm out there!

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