Coach suspends entire team over cyberbullying, poor behavior

Posted on 30 September 2013 by digitalsportsnews

Sometimes coaches have a lot to deal with in regard to handling their players’ actions on and off the field. And sometimes, those actions off the field become overwhelming simply due to the fact that a coach cannot force a player to adhere to the rules. Well, one particular coach at Union High (Utah) has had enough.

Matt Labrum consistently saw his football players skipping classes and misbehaving. Additionally, Labrum caught wind of some of his players actually cyberbullying fellow teens – something that is a very disturbing trend throughout our nation. Well, Labrum decided to take matters in to his own hands as it pertained to his football team. He suspended the entire team and vowed that no one would be able to play a game until they “earned the privilege to play.”

Since the suspension took place, Labrum’s players have shaped up. It seems as though Labrum’s “tough love” mentality is working.

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