DigitalSports Internship Mission of the Week!

Posted on 12 May 2014 by digitalsportsnews

Intern Mission: College-bound athlete interview
(Due Date: Saturday, 5/17/14)
For our next DigitalSports Internship Mission, we are asking student journalists to interview an athlete at their school that will be taking his/her talents to college.


Many high school athletes take their skills on to colleges after graduation. Interview one or more athletes from your high school about their college plans and how they intend on succeeding both on and off the field once they get to college. Accompany the post with a photo of the athlete(s).Some things to consider: 


  • How long has the athlete been playing sports?
  • What college do they plan on attending?
  • How much harder will they need to work on and off the field once they get to college?
  • Videotape the interview.
**Feel free to post about non-athletes who plan on continuing their education in college**
**Post all articles and media to the DigitalSports high school site you registered for** 


If you have any questions, please contact You can also call (267) 756-1226.Good luck! 


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