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4 Attributes to be a Recruitable Student-Athlete

Are you a recruitable student-athlete? Every college coach seeks different qualities or attributes in their recruits whether it be athletic, academic, or a specific psychological attribute. These characteristics vary from coach to coach depending on the sport, the school, the division, or the confe

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College Recruiting: Give your Kids the Keys

Welcome to the Guiding Future Stars Academy College Recruiting Blog Are you interested in playing sports in college? Are you a prospective student-athlete or parent of a child who aspires to play in college but have no idea where to begin.  If so, you’re not alone.  The college recruiting proc

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Finding Your College Experience Trifecta

 "Being a student-athlete should enhance your college experience, not be a roadblock to your success." Prospective student-athletes should search for a school that will provide them with the best college experience academically, athletically, and socially; we call this the The College Experie

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